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We aim to provide basic formal education to as many people possible and teach them basic skills that help them lead a sustainable life. We wish to run awareness campaigns across the country to cultivate seasoned, broad minded and unprejudiced thoughts among the people of the nation. Being a pan India organisation, we also look forward to collaborate with as many individuals and organisations as possible to create a positive impact on the people of the country.

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We at Atal Seva Sansthan have three campaigns which includes Education Volunteering, ECA Volunteering and Counselling Program

Akshar- Education Campaign

The campaign aims at giving basic education to people only above the age of 25 , who have never had formal education. We look forward to provide them basic education that helps them read and write in their native language, eventually increasing the literacy rate in the region.

We follow a basic curriculum that includes Hindi or their native scheduled language, Mathematics and Moral values. It is easy to teach and also to understand and grasp for the adults who are being taught. Anyone in first year of their graduation or above can volunteer for the program. Interested people can volunteer by applying in the form given below:

For further information, please contact:

Shreyaman Bhargava

Prathimik- ECA Campaign

The campaign aims at placing volunteers trained in music and public speaking in small schools that don’t have facility to provide training for extracurricular activities. The program looks forward to all round development of the children so that they have a holistic experience of their school lives.

We plan to give the children basic skills in the fields of music and public speaking in order to boost their confidence, morality and nourish their underlying potential. Anyone in Grade 11th or above qualified in the fields of music and public speaking can volunteer for the program. Interested people can volunteer by applying in the form given below:

For further information, please contact:

Aishwaryjai Singh

Swara- ECA Campaign

piano, music score, music sheet

Through the campaign we aim at inculcating musical intelligence in kids and young adults, also providing them with a platform to grow, learn and perform. Along with that, we also wish to give them the opportunity to understand music further through special classes focusing primarily on the intricacies of the art. Our skilled volunteers hope to spread this language of expression among as many individuals as possible, with an interactive and comprehensive musical pedagogy.

For further information for music campaign, please contact:

Apoorva Malik

Manodarshan- Mental Health Campaign

mental health, mental, health

The campaign aims at providing remedies and professional help where ever required to people above 18 by connecting them to professional counselors. We will be holding weekly sessions and meetings.

In order to volunteer for the program, the minimum qualification for this drive is to have psychology as a subject in your graduation.

The people seeking help initially will be interacting with volunteers and consultants, who will be studying the subjects and will provide them with remedies in order to help them. At the same time they would study the subject in order to understand if they require professional help. In case if they do, they will be referred to a professional psychologist at a scheduled time. 

There will be an interview process of all our volunteers and consultants. A certificate will be provided to all the fellow volunteers.

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For further information, please contact:

Aastha Bansal