The Solitary Guy’s Help Guide To Gold Coast Bars

The Solitary Guy’s Help Guide To Gold Coast Bars

By Sally Coates 10th Feb 2016

Oh men, often you seem so clueless. With role models like Dan Bilzerian plus the Candyman, it is really not surprising you’ve been led astray.

Even though there’s nothing wrong with those dudes there’s a good explanation they are able to work that way—millions and vast amounts!

But you’re much better than that. Therefore utilizing the support of qualified bachelor, well-known gentleman, and our male confidante, Dylan Stoner, we’ve assembled a listing of watering holes Gold Coast males can strike when you really need a helping hand. Therefore this is actually the single guy’s guide to Gold Coast bars and groups. Move out the paper and pen lads!

Justin Lane Rooftop

A delightful cocktail and talk about life and like, you know, how the crashing waves just like, soothe your soul and the saltwater purifies your mind for the alternative, long-haired surfy type, get to Justin Lane to buy your girl. This will be additionally an opening that is great actively follow her on Instagram in order to share surf-related quotes as time goes by and, obviously, keep lots of adorable emojis on all her selfies.

Where: 1708—1710 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads

K Bar and Meze

The Sunday that is last of thirty days, K Bar and Meze placed on a pig from the spit (which, no matter females, you will need to experience). We can’t consist of just what Dylan penned right here after a REAL woman who isn’t afraid to stuff her face with gravy-covered pork rolls (yes, plural), get down to K Bar because it could affect his gentlemanly status, but what I will say is, if you’re. There’s nothing sexier than a female who are able to out-eat you.

Where: 2557 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach

Nobbys Arc

Until you’ve invested the last 5 years amongst the gymnasium as well as the tattoo parlour, you need to probably offer this 1 a miss. But you spot your dark-lipped girl with stretchers big enough to, um, hold your phone in, engage target if you fit these criteria, once. She’ll probably offer you a little bit of mindset but be put off—persistence don’t is key. We shall alert you however, with all the accumulated pain of all of the piercings, tattoos, and accidental studded clothing related injuries, she’s probably tougher with one swift throat punch than you and will flatten you.

Where: Shop 4, 28 Chairlift Ave, Nobbys Beach

Stingray Bar

You may want to pretend become somebody you’re perhaps maybe not, to get one of several girls that are fancy. Suit up, flash some money and then make up some bogus address tale regarding how your Dad created Bing or something like that. Plus, the distinct not enough a party flooring at Stingray Bar causes it to be difficult to help you embarrass your self so, get that shady lean-on from the club, and wait for catholic online dating females to come calmly to you.

Where: QT Resort, 7 Staghorn Avenue, Surfers Paradise

You’ll additionally likely imagine become someone you’re maybe not right here, by having a shocking hit rate—for you anyway. East plus the band of girls you had been desperately trying to wow yesterday evening are laughing all of the way to your bank, son! Many evenings right here will end to you wanting to be considered a baller and buying six litres of Belvedere, simply to get up the next early morning entirely alone in accordance with a $2,000 bank card bill. We will note, Dylan talks tearfully now. The jest has disappeared and their eyes work as the doorway to a bitter and past that is painful…

Where: 88 Surf Parade, Broadbeach

The Avenue

The Avenue is most likely your shot that is best at finding “The One”. To put it differently, someone who’s in your league and it is prepared to bust away some old school tunes with you. An individual who will in truth knock your socks down together with her in level and superior familiarity with the Rugby League and capacity to scull a schooner. Yep, you’ve found your self a keeper. Until such time you get up the second early morning and realize she’s actually your mum’s co-worker of 20 years and she is at your 5th birthday. Still get her quantity obviously, but leave that lost love within the past.

Where: 4 Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise

BonBon club

Image it: you’re mid taco at Bonita Bonita whenever you spot a girl throughout the space, with a small grouping of her buddies, and a dining table covered with empty margarita eyeglasses. You lock eyes, wipe the surplus taco off the face and nod your face towards BonBon Bar, for which you both sneak away and unite like Jack and Rose within the underground cabin of this Titanic. You purchase her a glass or two and scooch up close, purely to know just exactly what she’s saying nonetheless it works in your favor. Pure gentlemanly miracle and with sufficient products, you may be in a position to persuade her that’s not the only real trick you’ve got. Sidenote: Dylan additionally desired us to put in a meat and taco associated innuendo right here but I tastefully omitted it as you can see.

Where: 2460 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach

Picture Credit: Hayley Williamson for Metropolist

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